Thank you for your interest in By Jove Cosmetics. We are committed to developing new and unique products created by
our team of professionals who bring over twenty years of experience to our company. Over the course of their careers
they have worked for some of the largest companies in the industry including, Revlon, Max Factor, Cover Girl, Jane by
Sassaby and Lancome.  Over the last 10 years while working with contract manufactures they have developed products
for such companies as Bare Escentuals, Smashbox, Fashion Fair, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, numerous theatrical makeup
companies and many other smaller brands.

By Jove Cosmetics was created to support a patent pending invention, which allows its users to easily create and
duplicate custom colors.  Our first offering is the “Ultra Matrix 3000 Custom Foundation Kit”.  With this kit, anyone who
can see color can easily create and quantify custom foundations, highlights, neutralizers and shaders for every skin type
and match their models skin color to a true match; meaning that light skin tones don’t have to have an orange or yellow
mask and dark skin tones no longer have to look ashy.

We have worked extensively on creating skin tone colors for many years and are well aware of the difficulty that ethnic
women have in finding makeup that matches their skin color. Developing the solution to this was the driving force behind
the Ultra Matrix 3000.  Achieving this came through the development of formulas, which utilize colors that are wholly
approved for use in cosmetics but typically not used in foundations due to stability issues.  Through our extensive
formulation knowledge we have been able to overcome the stability issues, making formulas that have a shelf life in
excess of three years.

Beyond wanting to create a product that would give the freedom to match every skin tone, we wanted to create a
formula that would reach a new level in texture and performance.

Aside from exceptional cosmetic formulators, some of our staff have also had the opportunity to learn makeup artistry
and sit in the makeup chair.  They, as many others were turned off by the heaviness of the theatrical makeup being used
and the awkwardness of having layers of makeup and powder applied to achieve the effect.  The formula in the Ultra
Matrix 3000 is designed to provide excellent coverage while being extremely light wearing (something which is also
valuable given the advance in HD technology).  It was formulated utilizing natural amino acids to enhance the wear
ability of the foundation, creating in-effect a second skin, but this skin is in perceivable.  

The formulation has also proven to be water resistant. We have found that sweat, water even swimming does not cause
the product to streak or wash off.  Yet, perspiration will pass right through the foundation, so the skin is obviously
breathing. We have also formulated oil-controlling properties into the foundation, which minimizes shine and reduces
the need to powder.  Yet when it’s time to clean and remove the makeup all that is required is regular liquid soap. This
breaks down the bonds in the foundation and it immediately becomes totally water-soluble.

It is our intention to provide our customers with the finest formulas that all of our experience has allowed us to create.  
On this website you will find a lot of information, including safety information. Some of it
is presented in a fun manner, but ALL of it takes your safety seriously.  

We have, and will continue to
develop our products based on factual scientific data,  and not on seasonal marketing

Without a doubt this is one of the finest formulas that we have had the opportunity to work with, and the responses we
have been getting back from our customers has validated that. We would welcome you as one of our new customers and
look forward
to having the opportunity to provide you with service.
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