Sherae Smith was one of the first users of By Jove
Cosmetics. Here she discusses some of the problems
women of color face when choosing color cosmetics.
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Oh, here's a funny story - I had an audition today and I wore my By Jove
foundation.   Okay, the AC does not work in the room, you can't open the
windows, and a fan doesn't help!  So it's hot in there, and they had us
doing improv/movement/dance stuff.  Everyone was pretty much dripping
with sweat, and I wasn't feeling good before the audition, so 1/2 way
through I started to feel sick.  
BUT the good news is the foundation held up though the whole audition!  
I got home and it was still on.  Yes, after the audition I thought I was
either going to pass out or throw up, but my makeup looked great, lol!

KC White,
Actress-Los Angeles, CA
I had fun mixing a base shade for myself and also some concealer colors. I had just had nasal surgery and had
pretty dark bruises. I was able to hide those well. The base did not feel heavy and did not seem to plug my
pores. I was light handed with it only using product where I needed coverage.

Chinzia K.

Litchfield, NH

I have a hard time finding foundation that works year-round, since my Swedish complexion
shows in the winter when I'm pale, but my Italian shows in the summer when I turn olive no
matter how much sunblock I use.  With By Jove Makeup, I can actually have foundation that
looks and feels great on my face at any point in the year!


Los Angeles, California
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I'm a very private person, who unfortunately has come down with an illness about 6 or 7 years ago, that
requires me to under go frequent blood work and IV's. And as many people do know, the constant needle
sticks leave some huge, ugly bruises that are very difficult to hide.  Black, Blue, Purple and finally Yellow.  
Just when the bruises are starting to fade, it's time to go back for more sticks with the needle!!!  Then it
starts with the unsightly bruises all over again.  It's been stressful enough trying to deal with the illness,
but then having to answer all of the constant questions about the bruises, over and over again is more
stressful.  So,to make a long story short....  I've discovered a "God Send".  Yes, a"God Send!"  By Jove
Cosmetics".  Just a little of the Blue B' Gone Corrective used on the bruises......they disappear!!  No more
questions!!!!! I couldn't believe it.I have been using this product for about 3 years now with no adverse
reaction at all!! I really can't thank you enough.  Just thought that this may help the many other people who
are in the same situation as I am.  With going for the blood work an IV's.......I know that I'm not the only one.
Thank You again.

Ann Marie,
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