TRU2U Corrective 2g. Pen  - Discount Page
Highlight 1 - Pen
Shade: Light Highlight for brightening
Highlight 2 - Pen
Shade: Dark Highlight for brightening
Shading Light - Pen
Shade: Light Shading for creating shadow
Shading Dark - Pen
Shade: Dark Shading for creating shadow
Red B' Gone - Pen
Shade: Neutralizer to hide red blemishes on light skin
Blue B' Gone - Pen
Shade: Neutralizer to hide blue blemishes
Red B' Gone Dark - Pen
Shade: Neutralizer to hide red blemishes on darker skin
Brown B' Gone - Pen
Shade: Neutralizer to hide brown blemishes
30% Discount Page
By Jove's TRU2U Correctives are formulated with the same, high quality formula that are used in
our Ultra Matrix 3000 custom kits and foundations. Ordering from this page will give you a 30%
discount off of our regular price of $13.95.
TRU2U Correctives are also blended in B' Gone colors. These
specially blended neutralizers can be used to neutralize the color
of red, blue or brown blemishes.
When using correctives be sure to only use the corrective
sparingly and in the area you want to alter.  These colors can be
applied before your foundation or you can mix them with your
TRU2U foundation and store them in containers that you can
purchase from our Ultra Matrix 3000 Accessories page.
TRU2U Pen Correctives are designed to enhance the effects of
base makeup by enabling you to alter highlights and shadows on
your face with a component that is easy to use and carry.
2 g. Pen
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