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Hanzila - Tube
Shade: Dark Arfican-Blue Undertone
Toy - Tube
Shade: Dark African- Red Undertone
Taneshia - Tube
Shade: Dark African- Yellow Undertone
Florence - Tube
Shade: Dark East Indian- Red Undertone
Kendra - Tube
Shade: Medium African- Yellow Undertone
Londia - Tube
Shade: Medium African- Red Undertone
Anjali - Tube
Shade: East Indian- Blue Undertone
Ella - Tube
Shade: Dark Native American- Red Undertone
Tara - Tube
Shade: Dark Creole- Yellow Undertone
Loni - Tube
Shade: Dark Asian
Loreta - Tube
Shade: Medium Asian
Sherae - Tube
Shade: Light African/Caucasian
Stephanie - Tube
Shade: Light Native American
Sandra - Tube
Shade: Dark Latin
Lupe - Tube
Shade: Medium Latin
Mina - Tube
Shade: Medium Middle Eastern
Sophia - Tube
Shade: Medium Mediterranean
Jane - Tube
Shade: Dark Caucasian
Francessca - Tube
Shade: Light Mediterranean
Maria - Tube
Shade: Light Latin
Selenia - Tube
Shade: Medium Caribbean
Charlene - Tube
Shade: Medium Caucasian
Carol - Tube
Shade: Medium Caucasian- Blue Undertone
Chrissy - Tube
Shade: Light Caucasian
Laura - Tube
Shade: Light Caucasian-Blue Undertone
Niloo - Tube
Shade: Light Middle Eastern
Eva - Tube
Shade: Light Northern European
Riko - Tube
Shade: Light Asian
By Jove's TRU2U Foundations are formulated with the same, high quality formula that are used in
our Ultra Matrix 3000 custom kits and Correctives. Ordering from this page will give you a 30%
This makeup will not streak from sweat like other makeups.
Our foundation adapts to its users.  If you have dry skin, the
makeup will feel moisturizing. If you have oily skin the makeup
will adapt and use its oil absorbing ingredients.  There is no
need to use pre-moisturizers or primers with our products.
There is no need to use setting powders.
TRU2U Foundations are the only foundations currently on the
market that will not make ethnic tones appear ashy. Our unique
color blends are the closest to true skin tones currently
By Jove's TRU2U Foundation is a very light wearing yet
excellent covering foundation, which allows for a truly natural
appearance. Sold in a 1oz. professional sized tube.
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