By Jove Cosmetics -  DISCOUNT GATEWAY
Welcome to the Discount Gateway. This is a hidden page within the By Jove website,
which can be accessed by the web address that your salesperson provided you with or
by clicking on the
ss symbol located on the bottom left hand corner of each page in this
website.  From this page you can access the pages where you can buy many of the By
Jove kits, refills and products at a 30% discount from our regular retail price. Certain
items do not qualify for any discount.

If you are ordering multiple items make certain that you return to this Gateway page for
each item you order.  If you click on the "continue shopping" button on the checkout
screen it will take you to our regular, full price order pages.

Click on the picture below that corresponds to the product you want to order.

On checkout  make sure you select your salespersons name so they can be credited with
your purchase.
FREE Shipping on all Orders Over $50.00
Priority Shipping on all Regular Orders