About By Jove
Mission Statement

To bring women of every ethnic background the ability to bring
out their natural, beautiful selves.
After over 20 years of working in the cosmetics industry and developing
thousands of products, Jovian Deadees noticed something was missing.
He noticed that women of color were being ignored. Using pigment
combinations that would make anyone darker than a medium skin tone
look ashy, he implored these companies to change what they were doing.
No one would listen.

Thus By Jove Cosmetics was formed. In early 2006, after three and a half
years of independent research and testing, Jovian launched his business
to rave reviews.

Now women of every ethnic background can match their skin tones exactly.
No more orange mask. No more ashy tones.

By Jove Cosmetics uses the most advanced ingredients available in the
world to bring you the finest products possible.

Explore the possibilities with By Jove Cosmetics!
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