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That's right a bimonthly trip to the MAC store and another color
matching seating with some overly made up, primped out "artist" who
chatted my ear off while she pretended we were exactly the same color
until I could finally squirm my way out of the chair and make my
purchase. And 9 times out of 10 I would end up buying an additional
product I didn't need or want because it facilitated a quicker departure.
Why endure it you ask? Well I don't know about you but my color
changes. Every season brings with it a new manifestation of "me".
Summer is the worst, and everyone has seen the girl who is sweetly
caramelized everywhere except for the white face paint that stops
abruptly below her jaw line. It had to be done. Then a friend introduced
me to the Ultra Matrix 3000. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated.
Ultra-whose-a-whats-it? Mix it yourself? Uhhh...pause taken. But she sat
me down, determined to show off her new toy, and mixed me up a batch
lickity split (helped that at the moment I was pretty dead on with one of
the cheat cards). She sent me home with the sample and I've been
hooked ever since. It takes 4 minutes to mix and I only need to do it every
other month as I double up the dose. I'm still pretty dead on with the
cheat card, I just adjust the red and yellow in the summer time. This all in
itself is great stuff, but in addition I never need to buy the whole kit
again! I just buy replacement tubes of the colors I use the most of. A total
steal. Wish I had discovered this before I bought the 15 lipsticks I didn't
want and which now are lined up in my cabinet like little soldiers of
Customer Testimonials
No Hype- Just Good Makeup!
How many times-

-Have you found the perfect shade of makeup, only to have it discontinued?
-Have you found the perfect shade of makeup, only to have your skin color change   
throughout the year?
-Have you spent a lot of money to have your makeup
custom blended, having it
look great in the store only to have it look not so great when you get home and
into different lighting?
-Have you never been able to find a
makeup that is right for your color?

These problems are a thing of the past. By Jove Cosmetics has created the first, at
home, patented system for "
custom blending cosmetics". If you can follow the eight
steps to the left, you can make your own colors. Following our guide, each time you
make your color, you will have enough makeup to last about a week.  

With the Ultra Matrix 3000 Custom Foundation Kit, you don't have to be a
makeup artist
to make your own
"custom blend cosmetics". it doesn't matter if your African, Asian,
Middle Eastern, East Indian, Caucasian or Native American; Any skin tone can be
matched quickly and easily.  The only way your makeup won't match is if you don't want
it to.
You Spoke and We Listened
Listening to consumers for many years, we've learned that this is what you want in an ideal
foundation makeup:

-lightweight feeling on the skin  -easy to apply  -easy to remove   -excellent coverage  
-excellent wearing   -mild on the skin  -natural looking

We listened.  

We took our many years of development experience and created the ideal foundation in our
TRU2U formula.  Our true skin matching formula sets in about 60 seconds to a very light,
yet excellent covering formula that is designed to be very mild on the skin yet also
designed to last for an extended period with minimal or no touch-up, no matter how active
you might be. There is no need to layer powder on top of our foundation to set it.  When you
are ready to remove your makeup use any facial cleanser with a higher than neutral pH,
and our foundation will become water soluble.
5.0 out of 5 stars (Amazon.com)
I used to be a MAC girl...,                                           
By  L. Mccreery "Giorde 79" (Torrance, CA)
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In only a few minutes, you can make enough
custom blended makeup to last weeks!
Makeup for all skin colors!